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P & O Irish Ferries ‘refuse’ to end transportation of puppies

Again Waterside Action Group Supporters were out in force last monday to demonstrate their objections to P&O Irish Ferries refusal to end the trade in puppies. After the recent Frontline Scotland Programme we would have thought that there would be a softening of P&O Irish Ferries stance on this.

Security staff endeavoured to make WAG demonstrators move from outside their premises. However as the supporters were on the footpath adjacent to the highway they could not do so. When asked where we could hand deliver a letter to the Port Manager they refused stating that ‘there was no letter box’ to receive mail.

WAG supporters remained throughout the day. Further to this WAG has been given the following legal opinion, "In terms of The Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 1997 a transporter "includes anyone transporting animals by providing a third party with a means of transport".

The scheme of the Order is such that a transporter requires authorisation and registration as set out in the Order. Further in terms of Section 20 of the Order where a body corporate has been guilty of an offence and that offence has been committed with the consent or connivance of any director/manager or similar officer of the body both the corporate body and these individuals shall be guilty of the offence under the Order.

Speaking to OUR DOGS, Ken McKie on behalf of WAG, said ‘This legal opinion confirms what has been the stance of WAG throughout this protest. P&O Irish Ferries have the power to END this horrific trade in puppies. The law affords them a ‘get out’ clause and we not only urge them to take this up but on behalf of the suffering animals we DEMAND that P&O Irish Ferries act now’

As before they ask supporters to write to:P & O European Ferries (Irish Sea) Limited, Larne Harbour, Larne, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT40 1AW with letters of complaint or to join them at future demonstrations.