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Put your stamp on it!

OSmilers™ from Royal Mail are a great way to liven up your mail by combining one of your own photos with a First Class stamp. Whether sending out party invites, keeping in touch with friends or posting a thank you note to relatives they are a fun way to make a lasting first impression with your post.

To make Smilers™ simply send Royal Mail the photo of your choice and they will create your very own personalised postage by attaching your piccie to a stamp! There are so many fun ways to put your stamp on things, here are some ideas:

Personalise your party invites with Smilers™ of you looking like a party animal

Send relatives thank you letters for their gifts with a Smilers™ of you opening your presents

Keep in touch with pals you met on holiday using Smilers™ of one of your cool holiday shots

Let your fave celeb know who their fan mail is from you before they even open it

Show your mates you care by sending them a hug with Smilers™

Challenge your mates to see who creates the funniest Smilers™

There are loads of fun and creative ways to put your individual stamp on your post!
Pretty much any photo can be used for Smilers™ but group shots should be kept to four people for the best results.

How to create your Smilers™ in 5 easy steps:

Chose the image you want for your new Smilers™

Log on to (or ring 0845 074 2000 and follow their instructions).

Follow the easy instructions online and attach your image

Answer a few simple questions on the Smilers™ on-line form

Sit back and wait for your Smilers™ to arrive

Smilers™ can be ordered in sheets of 20 first class stamps for £14.95 including postage and packing. For more information or to order, call Royal Mail on 0845 074 2000, or visit

No rude or nude photos are permitted by the Royal Mail team so Smilers™ are totally parent friendly.