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Warsaw International Show

Text by Ann Arch
Photos by
Marcin Jan Gorazdowski
and Igor Selimovic

My first visit to Poland was eagerly anticipated, and brought forth a good selection of breeds, some of which had extremely high quality. Any show organiser dreads the thought of an unexpected and sudden change of venue, so my sympathies were with the Warsaw Kennel Club, who had to make emergency arrangements. These they took on with good humour and determination, and succeeded in making a happy three days.

To find the new venue has insufficient floor area, and then seek out a reliable tenting contractor in order to provide the ring space was just one of their concerns. With uncertain weather, and an uneven outside area, the tent needed not only a really firm floor, but heating as well. I was in the main hall on all three days, but did observe that the tented rings were all of good size and, had good matting and lighting. In fact the GSD ring was quite enviable!

On the first of the three days my BOB’s were, in Samoyeds, Pol/Russ.Ch Luca Joen Chatanga, the male, with Paloma Picasso as BOS, Basenjis were really quite pleasing, with BOB going to the bitch Int.Pol.Ch. Pepsi Cola Ypsylon, who went on to Group 3 place. BOS was Chaden Baba. Chows were quite varied. The first exhibit to be seen in the Junior class was disqualified because of an uncertain temperament and with an inexperienced handler. There was no hope of evaluation, and to top it all it was badly in need of a thorough grooming. Topping the 20 exhibits was the male Ch. Marwelon Mao, with BOS to a super smooth black from the Open class, Treat Me Nice of the Royal Club. In Akitas there were 20 exhibits. The first one to be seen was in the Junior dog class had a totally unacceptable temperament and was disqualified. The depth of quality was varied. BOB went to a male from Junior Fujimaru Pa-Lis, and BOS to Chikaki Pa-Lis. From the eight Dalmatians BOB went to the male Champion I-X-Z Chrustow, with BOS to Ladna Panna.

Day two brought a few more dogs, in fewer breeds. From 14 Bullmastiffs, BOB went to Nestor Notabilis Isaac d’ Lovers Meeting, a brindle with a superb head and ultra sound and well balanced. On telling the owner how he resembled a familiar male in the UK, they showed me his pedigree - going back to the Vom Frankental line! BOS was the Champion Igra Hebron, another of great soundness and balance. The 27 Schnauzers were divided into Blacks, and Pepper and Salt, each colour having it’s own BOB. In blacks top place went to the Champion bitch Pola z Puczczy Darzlubskiej, and BOS to the Ch.Barbu Bakkara Flavago. In Pepper and salts, BOB was the male Int. Ch.Katahdin Ironclad, of US lines on both sides. BOS came from the Open class, - Trele Morelez Jamna.

There were 34 Giant Schnauzers of excellent depth, with only four absent. Out of the remainder all were graded “Excellent” except one. BOB was the male Nirror Z Tartaku. Already a Polish Champion, and will surely get his International title in the not too distant future, as he is but 21/2 years. BOS was the Ch.Happines z Tartaku, four years of age, and out of the same dam.
The final day brought even larger numbers, starting with 34 Polish Lowland Sheepdogs (plus two student judges!). There were some very sound and happy exhibits, starting with a couple of promising male puppies. Then came the upset - the Junior dog presented first showed no sign of problems, but when a kind word was said and I put my hand for him to smell, he attacked, resulting in a hand dropping with blood! When judging resumed I encountered one other with a sharp reaction in the Champion class, followed by a delightful fellow who ended up as BOS, Ch.Iwan z Zadymy, who is of the familiar Banciarni lines. Before getting to the class which contained the eventual BOB, I had reason to disqualify a Junior bitch - not bitten this time! BOB was Pol.Ch.Zieba z Gangu Dlugich. At only just over 18 months she is of good type and balance, and has such excellent action.

Memories came strongly of my lovely Komondor when I moved to the next breed. Only two of the three entries appeared, - to put it bluntly they were undoubtedly farmers working dogs, and none too fragrant! Only one (white) Puli was entered, sweet nature, but not really of show quality. Three Australian Shepherds entered, and two appeared. BOB the Junior male, of nice size and type, Apofis Of Secret Key, a blue merle.

Bearded Collies were all of nice type and quality. An outstanding male from the Champion class went BOB, Pol.Ch.Saudae De Shaleemar, whilst BOS came from the intermediate class, Smartness De Shaleemar, who complemented him so well, making a really well matched couple. The BOB went through to win Group 1. In the breed the Junior winner (bitch) was Kindle Passion Easter Song. When I referred to the show catalogue afterwards, the breeding lines were a surprise! - BOB was sired by Catsun Wraine Maker, out of Ch.L’Esprit de Chester. BOS was by Ch.Ramberhay Rustlers Moon out of Ch.Coalacre Dedication, with the Junior winner by Ramberhay Ring The Bell out of Philemon Kindle Passion.

Old English Sheepdogs numbered twelve, some of whom had full tails. Depth of quality was quite good. BOB was from the Champion bitch class, Rashn Feiri Yulita, at 21/2 years, is a Polish Champion of lovely type and balance, with such sound correct action. BOS was from Open, Jahoo Kudlaty Tramp.

There were ten Cardigan Corgi’s of quite nice type, with mostly excellent grading, BOB Ch.Cudka Lisiura z Anegdoty (Sired by Int.Ch. Beckrow Beg To Differ), with BOS to Titus Lisiura Controversia, whose sire is Int.Ch.Joseter Oban, and his dam was the BOB. Fifteen Pembroke Corgis followed and were all of nice type. BOB was Ch.Nawloc Lisiura with BOS to Pol.Ch.Dickens Rufus.

The Polish Kennel Club decided that for the benefit of exhibitors, critiques were to be written in Polish. This meant that the foreign judges were to be provided with an Interpreter. My lady was so helpful, as not only does she work for a huge multi-national corporation, but has dogs, so we had no problems with terminology. I wrote out all critiques in my notebook whilst she did the translation for the ring secretary, thus saving time. An unusual result from judging in an FCI show, I was able to bring home my comments on all the exhibits!

The final judging came to me, so it was a case of the normal examination of the Group winners prior to our entering the main ring. All entered to enthusiastic applause, were all moved down and around the ring, and the final three called in. These were the Bearded Collie, Beagle and Schnauzer, whilst the remainder departed to yet more applause. Moved right round the ring once more, with the final places announced as - BIS the Bearded Collie, BIS 2nd the Miniature Schnauzer, and BIS 3rd the Beagle.