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Anatolians must remain one breed

AT ITS meeting earlier this month, the Kennel Club General Committee reviewed a request by the Anatolian Karabash Dog Club that the breed be recognised and split into separate breeds, thereby establishing the Karabash/Kangal Dog variety.

The request was denied after the committee considered the facts before them and after several months of consultation with geneticists.

The letter was addressed to the secretary of the Anatolian Karabash Dog Club and dated 10th June 2004.

‘Further to my letter of the 24th May 2004, I am writing to advise you that the Breed Standards and Stud Book Sub-Committee's report of its meetings with the Anatolian Shepherd Dog clubs was submitted to the General Committee meeting held on 1st June 2004, rather than awaiting the 6th July meeting.

‘After considerable discussion, it was agreed that the proposal by the AKDC for separate recognition of the Karabash/Kangal Dog should not be accepted, and the Anatolian Shepherd Dog should remain as one breed. The grounds for this recommendation were as follows:

‘1. Insufficient proof that the Karabash/Kangal dog is a separate breed. In particular a lack of convincing evidence that, apart from the differences in colour and in coat, there were significant variations in conformation.

‘2. Evidence of geneticists that a breed cannot be separated by coat and
colour. The fawn/black mask colour can be produced by dogs of other colours and these dogs can, in turn, produce other colours.

‘3. Small size of gene pool that would be further limited by splitting
into two breeds.

‘4. Procedural difficulties in separating the dogs into two breeds.’

The letter was signed by Caroline Hallett, Manager of the Kennel Club Registered Societies, Shows, Trials and Awards Dept.