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‘Dog’s Breath’ a thing of the past

Following extensive research and development, BAC to Nature has announced the introduction of a unique and effective answer to the age old problem of bad breath in dogs. ‘Freshen Up’ Breath Freshener is a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes which naturally remove bad odours and can also help in the prevention of plaque build-up. The product can be used on a daily basis, added to the dog’s drinking water or diluted and sprayed directly into the dog’s mouth as required. The product is available by mail order directly from BAC to Nature, from it’s distributors or at ‘Freshen Up’ Breath Freshener adds to the extensive range of natural solutions manufactured by the company which include the Original Odour Eliminator, Bitch Spray, Canine Skin Care and both Face and Coat Stain Removers. Speaking for BAC to Nature, Lynne Parker said “We launched this product locally in December last year and the response has been amazing. Many customers could not believe how quick and effective the results were and are recommending it to all their doggy friends. One particular customer has told us how her dog didn’t like to be sprayed in the mouth but now brings the spray to her for his daily treatment! Following the success in controlling bad breath, BAC to Nature are now working with a major pet food manufacturer to incorporate this technology in complete premium dog foods. Based in East Yorkshire, BAC to Nature has been manufacturing and marketing their technology in the dog world for over ten years and are also well known in the world of agriculture and specifically intensive animal farming, which have their own odour issues to contend with.
For further information call Steve Parker on 0800 731 6165. Email: BAC to Nature (Products) Ltd, Pocklington, York YO42 1NR.