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Hill’s pet slimmer of the month

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, global leader in pet nutrition, has launched the Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Month Competition to ensure fat cats and podgy pooches keep slimming down.

This month, Bonnie a dog from Halifax has been selected as the lucky winner. Bonnie lost an astounding 39% of her overall bodyweight and is a shadow of her former self!

Dinah Boylan, veterinary nurse from the West Mount Veterinary Health Centre in Halifax commented; ‘Bonnie has always been prone to weight gain, at just one year old she was already three kilograms overweight. Bonnie’s extra pounds were not just the result of her genetic makeup. Her owners, Mr and Mrs Gothard, gave into her pleas for contributions from their own meals believing that her love of food was not something to be concerned about’.

In April 2003 Bonnie arrived in our surgery with a damaged knee, making it difficult for her to get up. In most cases this problem is rectified by surgery but due to her weight (then at almost 24kg!) it was too dangerous to consider putting her to sleep. Bonnie’s owners realised that their dog’s eating habits were a serious issue when euthanasia or drastic weight loss became the only viable solutions. We started Bonnie on Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine r/d* and the pounds began to drop off. In just over a year Bonnie had lost nine kg and her knee had totally healed. ’

According to Hill’s, a staggering 50% of our nation’s pets are considered clinically obese. In a bid to generate more awareness of the problem of pet obesity in the run up to the annual national competition, Hill’s is looking to crown a national slimmer but on a monthly basis as well. So if your pet is looking portly, speak to your local veterinary surgery and your pet could be the next Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Month winner and maybe even the 2004 Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year!