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Sculpture of a Pointer

At a small ceremony held at Clarges Street last week, two sculptures in terracotta by the French sculptor and artist Richard Fath (1900-1952) were presented to The Kennel Club writes Paul Keevil.

Mr William Secord presented a full body sculpture of a Schipperke, during his visit to the Kennel Club for the opening of the Maud Earl exhibition, where he was also giving a talk on the artist.

The Fath family were represented by the artists great granddaughter, Anne-Sophie Heisaat, picture here, who presented to The Kennel Club on behalf of her family, a sculpture of the head of a Pointer.

Rose Smart, the KC Chief Executive said: ‘The Kennel Club is delighted to receive these two wonderful sculptures by Richard Fath and wish to thank Bill Secord from New York and the Fath family in France for their generosity. These represent the first works by this underappreciated artist in The Kennel Club's Collection.’