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Canine Partners celebrates 100th partnership

Canine Partners, the Charity specialising in providing disabled people with highly trained assistance dogs that enable them to enjoy greater independence and a better quality of life, last week celebrated its 100th partnership.

Margie Woodward and Canine Partner Renée, pictured right, who have just completed their residential training course, mark a significant milestone in the charity’s history since it was established in 1991.

Margie, who has cerebral palsy and lives in Romsey, works full time for SCOPE as a Campaigns Officer. Despite her disability, Margie is still able to walk but can have problems on unstable ground. One of Renée’s main tasks will be to steady Margie as she is walking, allowing her to lean on her when she is having difficulties. Margie’s job with SCOPE means that she travels around the country regularly and with Canine Partner Renée by her side, she knows she is not going to be alone anymore.

Margie commented last week that she is “looking forward to a long and happy public and private life with Renée”. From a personal perspective, Renée will also provide Margie with companionship and the peace of mind that help is at hand if required, as she looks forward to a more certain and secure future.

Glenda Ellis, Occupational Therapist at Canine Partners comments, “Margie has a tenacious spirit, huge determination to succeed and a wicked sense of humour, so it is fitting she should be our 100th partnership. It is wonderful that we have played our part in enabling so many people with disabilities to improve the quality of their lives thanks to the companionship and support of a Canine Partner.”

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