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Labrador ‘causes’ tragic accident

A STUDENT who was terrified of dogs died after an over-friendly black Labrador chased him over a 150ft cliff, schoolmates said last week.

Asif Bharucha, 17, described as a ‘star pupil’ at Blackburn College in Lancashire, fell after the dog, which was off the lead, approached three pupils on a cliff top path on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall during a school trip on Tuesday, June 15th.

Ian Clinton, the college principal, who was not on the trip, said: ‘Two of the students apparently ignored the dog but Asif ran away . . . the dog ran after him and Asif then fell.’

Asif was one of ten pupils accompanied by three members of staff for a business studies project on tourism.

Police have appealed for the dog’s owners to come forward. They believe that the animal was being walked by a couple who may have been out of sight and unaware of the incident.

A police spokesman said: ‘There is no suggestion the dog was aggressive but it would appear the young man was afraid of dogs and fell after moving away from the path to avoid the dog.’