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New poll shows ‘no votes’ in hunting bill

A NEW opinion poll released by the Countryside Alliance has revealed that returning to the hunting issue would have no significant impact on voting at the next election.

The survey, carried out by ORB, asked a series of voting intention questions geared around the key question: "how would the Government spending more time resolving the issue of hunting affect your voting intentions at the next general election."

The results make interesting reading, which is bound to be a cause of great disappointment to anti-hunting campaigners and MPs:

Make you more likely to vote Labour 15%
Make you less likely to vote Labour 14%
Be unlikely to affect the way I vote 63%
Too young/ don't know 8%

Alliance Chief Executive, Simon Hart, said: "This new poll, together with the recent NOP survey which showed that just 1% of Labour supporters think that the Government should be concentrating on the issue, buries the myth put about by backbench MP's that hunting is somehow a significant electoral issue.

"The real electoral issue is trust. The Government is committed to deal with hunting on the basis of ‘principle and evidence, not personal taste’.

Breaking that commitment would make it look ridiculous to the average voter - the vast majority of whom do not want this subject on the agenda at all.

"Only on Labour's backbenches is the desperate pursuit of a ban on hunting seen as either sensible or worthwhile. It is for the Government to decide whether to align itself with vindictive, obsessive MPs or the majority of moderate, reasonable people in the country as a whole".