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Protest at docking ban proposals, Scots are urged

SCOTTISH DOCKED breed supporters have been urged to respond to the Scottish Executive’s plans to ban tail docking north of the border.

In a letter that has been sent to all Scottish members of the Council of Docked Breeds, CDB President Peter Squires has warned that proposed new animal welfare legislation would, if unchallenged, take away the freedom of Scots to choose the docking option.

“The proposed docking ban is a very worrying matter indeed,” said Peter Squires. “We are treating it with the utmost seriousness and have ensured that the case for docking is properly represented. However, we need officials at the Scottish Executive to be made fully aware of the strength of feeling that exists in support of docking from breeders, owners and handlers of our traditional docked breeds.”

He urged Scots to study the proposals to revise existing animal welfare legislation, which can be found on the internet at, and to write to Heather Holmes at the Scottish Executive’s Animal Health and Welfare Division, Room 350 Pentland House, 47 Robb’s Loan, Edinburgh EH14 1TY or email before the closing date of 2 July.

“There are only a few days left for docked breed supporters to make their views known. It is essential that the Executive is left in no doubt as to the strength of feeling amongst those of us who breed, own and handle our beloved docked breeds that we wish to be able to decide for ourselves whether or not to have our dogs docked. A ban on docking will take away forever that freedom of choice,” said Peter Squires.