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March - Chairman's Report

New York, NY – This month, I thought it appropriate to reflect upon the achievements of the AKC’s Publications department.

At the February 2004 Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) awards dinner, The American Kennel Club Gazette was honored with a total of six awards, including Best All-Breed Magazine. These hard-earned accolades were granted for both the written content of the Gazette as well as the artwork and photography that so beautifully and accurately portrays the world of purebred dogs.

With the Gazette having been in continuous publication for over 100 years, we have grown accustomed to receiving an informative and attractive publication in our mailboxes each month. The Gazette staff consistently produces a high-quality publication that the fancy can be proud of as their “official journal of the sport of purebred dogs.” I hope you will join me in congratulating this hardworking team.

This team is also responsible for an ambitious endeavor – AKC Family Dog, which was introduced one year ago as a complement to the Gazette. While the Gazette focuses closely on the sport and the needs of our fanciers, AKC Family Dog provides a helpful resource to nurture the purebred pet owners’ interest in their dog.

Upon registration, dog owners have the option to subscribe to the quarterly AKC Family Dog magazine through the “gold” package. AKC Family Dog circulation is growing ahead of projections as more dog registrants upgrade their registration package to include the magazine subscription.

Starting with the Spring 2004 issue of AKC Family Dog, over 27,000 veterinarian waiting rooms will receive free copies of the magazine as part of our public outreach efforts. AKC Family Dog has a quarterly readership of 250,000 and plays an important role in allowing the AKC to connect to a wide pet owning audience.

If you haven’t seen a recent copy of the Gazette or AKC Family Dog, I urge you to do so and take the opportunity to share feedback with the staff. Support and input from knowledgeable fanciers and pet owners such as yourself will help these publications continue to express the joys of purebred dogs.


Ron Menaker