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Highlights from the March 2004 Delegates Meeting

New York, NY – Highlights from the March 2004 meeting of the AKC Delegates as follows:

· Four new member clubs were elected. They are: the Lima Kennel Club (OH), Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America, the Otterhound Club of America, and the Spinone Club of America.

· The Delegates elected the following three Directors for the AKC Board Class of 2008: Dr. Thomas M. Davies, Walter F. Goodman, Ronald H. Menaker.

· The Delegates adopted the following amendments:

v Article XV, Section 4 of the AKC Bylaws was amended to provide that AKC may give its clubs permission to hold certain non-AKC Purebred Dog Events.

v Chapter 3, Section 7 of the Rules Applying to Registration was amended to provide for a one-time change in the name of dogs under very specific conditions so that it would not affect AKC’s registration or event records.

Chapter 3, Section 22 of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows was amended to have the Miscellaneous Class parallel championship competition with breed classes and interbreed competition.