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IKC stand against puppy farming

With all the publicity being given to the removal of a large number of pedigree dogs from premises around Eire where they have been found in a neglected condition it seems appropriate that the Irish Kennel Club should make it clear where we stand in relation to the matter.

Whilst we are aware that there are many reputable breeders who we would be supporting by the registration and provision, where necessary, of export pedigrees for the dogs they are selling we would certainly not be encouraging or endorsing the irresponsible and possibly cruel treatment of any animal.

This potential exploitation could not be said to be in the best interests of dogs and would be in contravention of our Code of Ethics which is signed by all those registering a dog with the Irish Kennel Club. We are unable to enforce any rules as to numbers of dogs in one ownership or conditions under which they should be kept as there is no official legislation which applies.

In relation to this we are at present in on-going discussions with the relevant Government Departments as we wish to support any action which can bring about better conditions for the breeding and rearing of dogs.

 The excessive numbers of pedigree dogs recovered in the last few weeks makes for sickening headlines but it should perhaps be recognised that there may also be breeders keeping one or two bitches in appalling conditions who cannot be labelled as ‘puppy farmers’ and will probably never be caught.

 Equally there are excellent kennels where many bitches are kept in very good circumstances and proper care is exercised in the best interests of their welfare and responsible breeding programmes are in place.