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Look-a-like dog sought as
the Lowry official mascot

The hunt is on to find the 'real-life' Lowry dogs; those with a striking resemblance to the ones found in Lowry's paintings. L S Lowry is renowned for a very distinctive type of dog that often appears in his famous crowd scenes - many of which can be seen in A City's Pride, the world's largest ever Lowry exhibition, currently showing at The Lowry Centre, Salford.

Pet-owners with similar looking four legged friends are being invited to enter them into a competition to find the best Lowry dog doppelgangers - with the winning entry being honoured as The Lowry's first ever official mascot.

The competition was devised by staff at The Lowry in response to the numerous claims by visitors that many dogs in the pictures bear an uncanny resemblance to their own pets.

Staff at The Lowry will be particularly impressed if a real life version of one particular dog is submitted - the famous five legged dog that appears in the 1960 work ‘Old Church and Steps'. When it was first pointed out to the artist by a friend, Lowry is said to have been surprised himself at the sight of the five-legged creature in the picture's foreground. "Well, I never" he is reported to have said mischievously, "And to think I checked it most carefully before I let it go. All I can say is that it must have had five legs. I only paint what I see you know!"

Anyone with a Lowry dog look-a-like can send a photograph to The Lowry, accompanied with a short description of the dog's character. The winning entry will become The Lowry's official mascot for a year and the owners will be invited to attend an official presentation ceremony on April 28th - as part of The Lowry's fourth birthday celebrations.

In addition, the winning picture and best runners-up will be displayed online at

However, if a five-legged dog does turn up in the entries the owner may well book themselves a place in The Guinness Book of Records as well!

Send a photograph of your Lowry lookie-likie dog, together with a brief description, to Lowry Doggie Doubles, The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays M50 3AZ. Digital images (less than 150k) can be emailed to

Please include your name and a daytime telephone number on all correspondence. If you require the picture to be returned please also include a stamped addressed envelope.

The Lowry cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to your property if submitted for this competition. Deadline for entries April 9th 2004 and winners will be announced April 23rd 2004. For more details visit