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Daisy’s eye saved by donors’ generosity

A LURCHER puppy received the life-saving operation she needed thanks to the generosity of working dog owners and others, all of whom were united in their concern for the pup’s health after her plight was highlighted by the canine charity Lurcher Link.

It all began when Sue Trundle of Lurcher Link was approached by a lady who runs dog training classes in the Hertfordshire area, who expressed her concern about a Lurcher puppy she knew of named Daisy.

On meeting the puppy Sue found Daisy had a very swollen, sore eye, in which she obviously had no sight, thought to be the result of an untreated cat scratch.

Sue agreed to take the puppy on and foster her for the time being, but found Daisy to be quite wild, possibly as a result of the pain from her eye, and realised that not only did she need urgent veterinary treatment, but that she also needed to be rehomed permanently to someone who could train her and win her confidence.

Sue contact Kaye Fitzgerald-Gorham, the founder of Lurcher Link, who posted details of Daisy’s plight on Lurcher Link’s own e-mail discussion forum.

"We made contact with the National Animal Welfare Trust in Watford, who have veterinary facilities and were also prepared to take Daisy on," Kaye told OUR DOGS. "The operation would be expensive, so we appealed to our supporters to raise the funds to help NAWT to pay for the surgery. Within a few days we’d raised £300. It came from many different sources, including working dog owners; pet owners; wannabee Lurcher owners, dog wardens ... all united in their concern for this little lass.

"We knew that the operation was vital, as the pain was causing her to be aggressive and the swelling was pressing on her brain and caused her to have fits."

Daisy was taken to NAWT in Watford who operated immediately once she had been signed over to them. Happily, she has since made good progress and now has a very calm and loving temperament. A spokesperson for NAWT said that Daisy would be available for rehoming once she was fully recovered, although she has since been renamed ‘Slippers’, as they already have a dozen dogs named Daisy!

Kaye Fitzgerald-Gorham added: "We are so grateful to NAWT for taking this sweet little dog on, and we would also like to thank everybody who made a donation for her treatment.

Hopefully she will be rehomed to new, caring owners in the near future and we are sure she will make someone a truly loving, happy pet.