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How far are you prepared to go to help?
- how about 100 miles!

photo by Harold Holborn
Launching the walk in Manchester is Coronation Street actor William Roache
pictured with Bill Moores editor of OUR DOGS,
Bill King member of the Kennel Club General Committee with Honey

As we go to press OUR DOGS editor Bill Moores and Kennel Club General Committee member and Charitable Trust trustee Bill King set out on May 6th to tackle the 100 mile West Highland Way from Glasgow to Fort William. Today, May 7th., they are heading north on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond. After the finish of the walk on Friday May 14th they will be travelling back via the SKC show.

They aim is to raise £10,000 for the Kennel Club Charitable Trust but also to raise awareness of the charity.

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust (registered charity no. 327802) was established in 1987 and since its inception, grants totalling just under two million pounds have been disbursed to a variety of deserving causes such as research projects, veterinary surgeon and nursing bursaries, specialists studies and canine charities.

Every penny that is raised goes directly to the Trust, ensuring that our canine companions and people within the canine field enjoy the maximum benefit.

There are three distinct aims:

1. To promote the advancement of education and science by furthering research into canine diseases and hereditary disorders.
2. To promote dogs as therapeutic and practical aids to humans.
3. To promote the relief of suffering of dogs who are in need of care and attention.

Says Kennel Club secretary Caroline Kisko, ‘the Kennel Club Charitable Trust is pleased to donate much needed funds to the benefit of our canine companions. Donations are made to fund research, nursing bursaries, specialist studies and to support canine charities. Since its inception in 1989, the Trust has dispersed grants totalling more than £750,000, with over £122,000 donated in the 2002 alone.’

If you would like to support the KC Charitable Trust and the many canine charities it supports and support Bill Moores and Bill King’s efforts there are a variety of ways to achieve this, either by standing order, deed of covenant, credit card or by cheque.

If you would like further information please contact Mrs Mary Wetherell, the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, 1 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1Y 8AB, tel: 020 7518 1029.

Alternatively donations can be handed in to The Kennel Club or the OUR DOGS stands at shows clearly marked ‘West Highland Way Walk’. A running total of all monies raised will be published in OUR DOGS.Every penny counts - your club or your society can also donate.

How far will you go to help?