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Petplan charitable trust announces latest welfare awards

Petplan, the UK’s largest pet insurance provider, has announced its latest financial awards from The Petplan Charitable Trust.

Now in its 10th year, The Petplan Charitable Trust has given over £3 million in grants to research, welfare and education projects. The Charitable Trust was established to provide a vital lifeline for those charities and organisations that face the difficult task of funding their work that benefits so many of our animals.

Petplan clients are owed a vote of thanks for this contribution. Each year, through an optional donation of £1 that is given when a client takes out or renews their pet insurance policy, the Petplan Charitable trust is able to make significant donations to worthy causes.
The 2004 welfare grants have been awarded to the following canine causes:

Border Collie Trust, Rugeley, Staffs

This busy and well-run organisation was given a grant of £6,000 to help them adopt a neutering policy whereby dogs are neutered prior to re-homing. Border Collies are a welfare problem, partly due to Foot and Mouth and many are sold to people who live in unsuitable places. This group helps on average 600 dogs annually and re-homes very successfully.

Greyhound Rescue West of England

The Petplan Charitable Trust has given a grant to this group previously and because of its good work gave another £5,000 towards the neutering of their dogs. In 2002 they helped over 400 dogs and take in greyhounds from all over the country. Some are victims of cruelty and neglect but the majority are simply unwanted our have outlived their usefulness.

Battersea Dogs Home

The Petplan Charitable Trust received a request to help fund a new Treatment Kennel refurbishment programme. Their present 58 kennels are old and so the Trust was pleased to give £10,000 towards this refurbishment. In 2002 Battersea took in 9,380 dogs and 2,794 cats.

Greyhound Welfare & Rescue

This group, based in Gwent, asked the Trust for help with publicising awareness of greyhound welfare and to encourage happy and responsible dog ownership at various dog shows and events in 2004. £812 was given to assist with licences, hire of premises and literature.

Retired Greyhound Trust – Croftview

Another good group concerned with rescuing and re-homing greyhounds. Their present kennels have solid wooden doors which are old fashioned and unsatisfactory for the dogs. A grant of £6,927 will help them install modern wire mesh fronts and doors that will greatly enhance the dogs’ lives whilst awaiting re-homing.

Ferne Animal Sanctuary

Based in Somerset this long established charity has helped very many cats and dogs over the years. The Trust gave them £3,272 for their own in-house grooming station. The Sanctuary said "Hopefully, bathtime will now come to be looked upon as a pleasure rather than a chore and, in the case of the dogs, something to be enjoyed rather than run away from and also provide more interaction between humans and animals".

David Simpson, Chairman of the Petplan Charitable Trust said "Petplan has a long standing relationship with the veterinary community. Through the Charitable Trust Grants and Scientific Awards, Petplan is able to give back a valuable contribution where it matters most.

We are proud of our work in helping to promote the better health and understanding of our companion animals."