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AMTRA Pet Care top student rewarded

Left to right:- Kay Hewitt, AMTRA GSL/Companion Animal Register Winner for April 2003 – Notcutts Garden Centre, Major Richard Pope (RAVC who presented the prizes, Christine Lowe AMTRA/GSL Companion Animal Register Joint Runner-up for September 2003 – New Shambles Pet Shop and Phil Thomas (Chairman, AMTRA)

The top students of the Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority Companion Animal Medicines (GSL) Sales Staff Examination have been rewarded.

Best Student Award, sponsored by the Pet Care Trust, goes to Kay Hewitt of Notcutts Garden Centre in St Albans, Hertfordshire, who took her examination in April 2003. Joint runners-up, who both qualified in September 2003, were Christine Lowe, from New Shambles Pet Shop in Kendal, Cumbria and Vickie Johnson, also of Notcutts Garden Centre, this time from the branch near Marlow, Buckinghamshire. They received their awards from Major Richard Pope of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps at the Annual Dinner of the National Office of Animal Health, on 22 April, in London.

The Training and Certification of Companion Animal Medicines (GSL) Sales Staff award, which comes under the umbrella of the Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority, was devised by the Pet Care Trust, with full support from NOAH and AMTRA. It is designed for retailers of GSL pet medicines to the public and for manufacturers’ sales representatives selling pet medicines on the General Sales List to retailers.