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Homoeopathic vaccinations approved for PAT Dogs

Pictured between Sir Peter Baldwin, Chairman of PAT Dogs (left) and Christopher Day, Hon. Secretary of the British Association of Homoeopathic Veterinary Surgeons are the first two PAT Dogs treated with homoeoprophylaxis, Airedale Terrier Stargus Teasel and Border Terrier Cherry Pie (known affectionately as Beanie), with their owner Monica Dixon.
(Photo (c) Pat Dogs)

ONE OF the UK’s leading canine charities has given the green light to homoeopathically vaccinated dogs being part of its operations.

Pets As Therapy had previously insisted that all PAT dogs and cats in its ranks had to be vaccinated against the usual range of diseases using conventional vaccines, before they would be allowed to visit patients in hospitals, hospices and other nursing establishments.

Following extensive consultations with the Faculty of Homoeopathy, the British Association of Homoeopathic Veterinary Surgeons, The Kennel Club, and the Charity's Insurers, the Trustees of Pets As Therapy have approved amendments to their registration procedure to include dogs treated with homoeopathic prophylactics in lieu of conventional vaccination against Distemper, Canine Infectious Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parvovirus.

Announcing this decision Sir Peter Baldwin, Chairman of the PAT Trustees, said: "We realise that there are people who espouse homoeopathy in preference to conventional medicine and whose dogs are subject to rigorous homoeopathic regimes directed to their protection against infection transferable to humans and to the protection likewise of humans in contact with them.

"Provided these dogs also meet PAT's high standards of suitability and temperament, the Trustees are satisfied that they can be registered as PAT Dogs and taken on visits in accordance with our normal criteria. All documentation issued by PAT will identify them as being treated with homoeoprophylaxis, and all institutions accepting their visits will be asked to confirm their acceptance of the animal's vaccination status."

Outlining the new procedure Sir Peter explained that although dogs treated with homoeoprophylaxis would not have to registered with a homoeopathic Veterinary Surgeon, for PAT's registration purposes, only Vets with the VetMFHom qualification will be authorised to prescribe the DHLP nosodes, in consultation with the animal's regular Vet if necessary.

Each Homoepathic vet will specify their own dosage regime and, if they do not supply the nosodes themselves, will provide either the animal's owner or their regular Vet with a prescription stipulating the homoeopathic pharmacy from which the nosodes are to be obtained. This will ensure that the source of the nosodes is approved by the Homoepathic vet issuing the prescription.

The Homoepathic vet will also provide the owner with a Certificate of Supply setting out the dosage regime. The animal's owner will be required to sign this certificate to confirm that they are following the regime and to forward the signed certificate to Pets As Therapy as part of the registration process. The dog must have completed the first week of its nosode regime before being accepted for registration as a PAT Dog.

Paying tribute to the contribution made by Christopher Day, Hon. Secretary of the British Association of Homoeopathic Veterinary Surgeons, Sir Peter added: "Christopher Day has been kind enough to give the Trustees the benefit of his advice entirely free of charge, for which we are most grateful. Thanks to him, a whole new category of dog owners will now be eligible to join us and we look forward to welcoming them to the PAT volunteer base."

Standard Prescription Forms and Certificates of Supply (to be printed on the issuing Homoepathic vet’s notepaper) have been drafted by Christopher Day and will be available from the BAHVS.

*A list of Vets with the VetMFHom qualification can be obtained by sending an A4 s.a.e. to the BAHVS, Chinham House, Stanford in the Vale, Oxon. SN7 8NQ, or by checking the BAHVS website: