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Bluey the Jack Russell Terrier – Blind but Bouncy!

In mid-March a ten month old Jack Russell Terrier called Bluey came to Battersea Dogs Home and proved he is slightly more special than some of Battersea’s other residents. He immediately won his way into hearts and offices with all his antics, and being very affectionate to everyone he met. He may not sound any different from any other terrier but what makes Bluey extra special is that he does all of this while he is nearly blind. Because of his blindness Bluey needs to find a suitable home with a stable routine that he can settle in to.

Bluey’s condition is called Corneal Dystrophy. As he is very young it is probable that he was born with this condition. He can see light, shapes and shadows, mainly with his right eye.

Bluey does not have a nervous disposition as he has never known any different, in fact, apart from Bluey’s blindness he is no different to any other terrier. Naomi Pereira, Bluey’s dedicated kennel hand says "He is typically energetic, affectionate and friendly with people. He loves running, playing with his toys and he loves his food!"

Bluey’s ideal home would be with experienced terrier owners who are willing to spend time training him. Prospective owners should live in a semi-rural environment with a garden area where he can use up his energy. Bluey needs a stable environment, possibly with a pack of dogs within a household where he won’t be left for long periods of time, for example with a retired or self employed person.

If you think you would be able to re-home him please call Battersea Dogs Home on 020 7622 3626 and ask to speak to a Re-homer regarding Bluey (disc no 2004/01284)