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Greyhound’s ears cut off

THE RSPCA has condemned an attack in which a greyhound was shot in the head and its ears cut off before being dumped alive on a south Wales mountain.

The incident was called "barbaric" by a spokesperson for the charity who said the "deeply distressed" animal may have been a racing dog. Its ears, probably tattooed, had been cut off to stop identification.

The greyhound had been shot in the head, possibly with a nail gun, was discovered alive on Sunday, May 2nd by a person walking their dog near Fochriw in the Rhymney Valley. The dog’s injuries were so horrific that it was put to sleep soon afterwards by a vet.

A post-mortem examination found the dog has severe brain damage and his jaw had been shattered.

After an appeal for more information three local men have been questioned in relation to the incident. A file of evidence will now be submitted to RSPCA headquarters with a view to prosecuting those involved.

RSPCA inspector Simon Evans, said: "The RSPCA is extremely grateful to all those who offered information. Their help and support has been vital in tracking down those responsible for this brutal attack, as has the co-operation of Greyhound Rescue Wales, Rhymney Police and the greyhound tracks."

"This was a truly shocking, horrific incident. The greyhound had suffered immensely. Racing greyhounds have tattoos in their ears to identify their owners. This dog had its ears removed, presumably to prevent identification and those responsible from being traced."

Karen Thomas, Chairman of Greyhound Rescue Wales, said: "I am very pleased. Local people, including some involved in greyhound racing, have offered tremendous support and good information and this has allowed the investigation to move so quickly. The terrible suffering of this greyhound must never be allowed to happen to another dog."

The black greyhound had distinctive markings on its chest and neck. There was also an unusual large scarred area on its back, between the shoulder blades where its coat was patchy with some white hairs and some skin visible.

Posters showing the dog's distinctive markings are to be displayed at greyhound tracks in south Wales.

Anyone with further information about the incident is asked to call the RSPCA on 08705 555 999 (calls charged at national rates) or Greyhound Rescue Wales on 07071 881068.