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The Happy wanderers return to the
Scottish Kennel Club show!

IN THE mountains on the fifth day in better weather above Tyndrum on the way to Rannoch Moor, Bill King and Bill Moores hit the trail. The day before this photo was taken a hillwalker was killed in a lightning strike, the culmination of three successive day of afternoon thunderstorms and flash floods

Comparing blisters and cooling their feet after completing their 100 mile walk on the West Highland Way are KCCT trustee Bill King and OUR DOGS Editor Bill Moores. Looking on are Annette Rathbone ‘Dog Tales’ and Dennis Harding ‘Snooze ‘n’ Snacks’ with a £400 cheque for the KC Charitable Trust from The Guild of Canine Trades. The Guild now has over thirty members and represents the interests of the regular traders who support the shows up and down the country for the benefit of exhibitors