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New trustee for Canine Concern Scotland

THE TRUSTEES of Canine Concern Scotland Trust are delighted to announce that Mr I Allan Sim, BSc, CA the former Secretary General of the SKC, has accepted an invitation to become a Trustee of the Trust in succession to Father Jim Peat who died in January 2003.

Marjorie Henley Price, Chairman of the Trustees, said:- ‘We are thrilled that Allan has agreed to become a Trustee. He has a wealth of experience in many aspects of dogdom and this, plus his professional expertise, makes him an ideal person to be one of our Trustees. His knowledge and guidance will be invaluable, not only to the Trust but, through the Trust, to all dog owners in Scotland.

‘In Scotland we are presently in a consultation period in respect of Proposals to Revise Existing Animal Welfare Legislation. With the assistance of Allan and our other Trustees we will be engaging in the consultation process. Additionally significant legislation relating to the operation of Charities will be enacted this year and having Allan to help us comply with the inevitable raft of regulations will be a considerable benefit to the Trust.’

Allan Sim said:- ‘I have long held the Trust in high regard and it is exciting to know that I have the opportunity of giving some service to the welfare and educational aspects of canine matters in a more direct way than has been possible in the past.’