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South Wales Open Shows Dog of the Year 2003

SWKA Dog of the Year was the Shih Tzu Ch/Irish Ch Daltricia Menelaus JW
owned by Mrs P Maule

This competition is held under the auspices of the South Wales Kennel Association, and largely sponsored by Purina. This year’s event took place at the luxurious Parkway Hotel, Cwmbran, and attracted 44 entries.

As usual, the S.W.K..A. team which runs the event were so smart, - the men in their green blazers and the ladies in yellow jackets; and beautifully organised and run it was. This year Bridget Croucher was in charge of the organisation, and had to be consulted once or twice, as to the running order. There was a super atmosphere and I think everyone there thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Andrew Brace was the ever competent commentator, where would we be without his light hearted commentary at this event?

Of the 44 dogs entered, all of whom has to win B.I.S. at a Welsh Open show to qualify, six were absent including Mrs Llewellyn for Chepstow’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch. Courtilyn Carbon Copy who is nursing puppies that hopeful will follow in mother’s paw steps. The other absentees were Mr Bradley from Aberdare’s Wire Fox Terrier Oxmoor Just Millie Of Whinlatter, Mrs B Halliwell from Leominster’s Welsh Terrier Wigmore Bittersweet, Mr and Mrs McLeod from Magor’s Miniature Poodle Dunline Blondel ShCM, who had entered N.F.C; Mr M Sanders from Tongwynlais Whippet Ch.Janelyn Siluatec Sixpence; and Mr and Mrs Morris from Burryport’s Newfoundland Casimor Christmas Coco.


After Andrew Brace had given the qualifying shows and wins of all the entrants present as they did a lap of honour, we were introduced to the two very well known judges Mr Martin Freeman and Dr Ron James, they each selected an envelope to decide which one would take the first judging stint. Martin Freeman drew A, so went first. Into the ring came Mrs E.M.Davies from Llangunnor’s Great Dane Foaldown Boysbuoy of Cenninpedr, who won B.I.S at Pontypridd and D.C.S, holder of 1 ResCC and winner of Junior at the Dane of the Year show, who qualified at Pontypridd & D.C.S show. He stood alone as the other one for this first round was absent. Next into the ring was Mr, Mrs and Miss J.Williams from Newport’s Golden Retriever Chalksville Chosen One At Trebettyn who was B.I.S. at Treherbert and D.C.S. Winner of 11 Y.K.S Stakes classes, and has qualified for Crufts three years running.

His opponent was Messrs Caswell & Vaughn’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier who qualified at Merthyr & D.C.S who has won four BIS, two at Staffie shows, and three ResBIS. The Golden Retriever went on to challenge the Great Dane in the next round

The third pair were Mr T and Mrs J.Williams from Gilfach Goch, Porth’s Golden Retriever Chalksville Pipe Major at Trebettyn ShCM, qualifier at Cardiff C.S. show who was a Beta Puppy Stakes winner, plus three B.P.I.S wins, and Mr and Mrs A.V.Rees from Cardiff’s Welsh Springer Spaniel Sh.Ch.Typical Countryman JW, ShCM, qualifier at Barry, Penarth & S.Glamorgan show, winner of 3 CC’s one with BOB, and was Welsh top spaniel in 2001. He went through to the next round against the Irish Wolfhound Mrs G.Mays from Newport’s Hibeck Trigger who stood alone in his round. This fellow only came to his present owner when he was 18 months old. He is still a little uncertain about it all but obviously good enough to win BIS at Blackwood & DCS show.

The next pair for Martin Freeman to go over were the Lancashire Heeler Mrs R. Parry from Port Talbot’s Swandale Black Boots with Gwynsias, holder of 2 CC’s both with BOB, a BPIS and two Group 2s, he qualified at the Vale Of Glamorgan show and Mr Pat Notley from Newport’s Schnauzer Toncanrick Raema Velvet ShCM, she qualified at Llynfi Valley and also has two ResBIS and is a Silver K.C. Good Citizen winner. She went on to the next round to meet Tony and Veronica Green’s Tibetan Terrier from Shifnal, Ch. Verony’s What Else JW (who went on to Res BIS. She has 6 CC’s, two with BOB and, was Res BIS at the Tibetan Terrier Club show, her qualifying show was the Utility Breeds Assoc of Wales. In this round her opposite number was Mr and Mrs J.Smith from Penarth’s Great Dane Bronorn Countess Garsak. She won BIS at St Mellons show.

Next came Mr, Mrs & Miss Hancock’s Miniature Schnauzer Stavella Sweet William, qualifier at Risca CS, winner of many BOB’s, she was against Miss S Turner from Blackwood’s Boxer Shanamor Genie In A Bottle To Allstruns JW. ShCM, who was the first Boxer bitch to win the ShCM title, and has four Res BIS at all breed shows, her qualifying round was Llanelli & DCS.

She went into the next round against Ms L.Lewis from Cross Hands’ Basset Griffon Vendeen Petit Ch.Tangaer Idris, qualifier at the Hound Club of Wales show, holder of 4 CC’s, three with BOB, and three BIS, who had stood alone.

Mrs Lewis’ other B.G.V.P. Tangaer Jou Jou came into the ring next to compete against Mr & Mrs Clarke from Barry’s Weimaraner Sh.Ch. Ashund Aphrodite at Blaujager. Their qualifying rounds were respectively Port Talbot & Neath, and Newport (Gwent). Jou Jou has two CC’s, 1 BOB, 5 ResCC’s and a Group 4 to her credit. Aphrodite has 3 CC’s 2 ResCC’s including a ResCC at Crufts. The B.G.V.P. went on to compete against the winner of the next round, Mrs K. Lewis’ Irish Setter Crynllis Illusionist At Tarandell from Swansea, qualifier at Pontarddulais Ag & Hort Show, who has won 26 BOB’s at Open shows, and who went against Messrs Ashby & Skaboulis from Ruarden, Glos’ Tibetan Terrier Renvalls Vanity Fair at Togepi ShCM. who won BIS at Bridgend & DCS show.

The ultimate round for Martin Freeman saw Mr K Anderson from Swansea’s Pekingese Ch.Nosredna Christabell standing alone as her opponent was absent. She won BIS at the Spring Toy Dog of Wales show, and has 7 CC’s and 3 ResCC’s to her credit.

Dr Ron James then took over the ring to judge the second half entrants, starting with Mr D Lewis from Gurnos, Swansea’s Smooth Fox Terrier, winner of BIS at the Terrier Club of Wales, Abernant Acer, who won BIS at his first show. He stood alone, and went on to compete against the Pekingese in the next round.

Then next round saw the winner of BIS at the December Toy Dog Soc of Wales show, Miss Freeman from Dartmouth’s Italian Greyhound Seaward Sweet Success at Caroadori, winner of the Res CC at LKA, against the G.S.D Mr & Mrs Crouch from Gwent’s Lindella’s La Bada At Chalita, BIS at Llandysul & DCS, and winner of 13 BOB’s to date. The Italian Greyhound went through to meet the winner of the next round Mr & Mrs Turnbull from Caephilly’s Whippet Elvencharm Zola at Turnstone JW, holder of 1CC and BIS at Treherbert as well as at the breed Club show. His opponent was Mr & Mrs J Harris from Ystalyfera’s Irish Setter, BIS at Teifi Valley C & T Soc show, Maesffynon Sirius.


Then into the ring came the ultimate star of the show, Pat Maule from Pentre’s Shih Tzu Ch.Ir.Ch. Daltricia Menelaus, who was to win BIS here for the second year running; this supreme dog has 5 BIS all breeds, 4 CC’s, 8 ResCC’s, came 4th in dogs at the World Show and was BIS in Guernsey. He has also won 4 CACIB’s. Pat calls him Mckenzie, but I feel Lord Snooty suits him better! he is so self possessed and gives us all the look that says “who are you to judge me?” His opponent was the Staffordshire Bull terrier Mr & Mrs Williams from Porth’s Eclypstaff Sheza Truble JW, BIS winner at the Terrier Club of South Wales. He has on e CC with BOB, and was best puppy in breed at Crufts 2003, he has won 4 BIS at breed club shows.

The next round saw Mrs Roberts from Neath’s American Cocker Spaniel Adiaha Enigma, BIS at Risca & DCS, who is the first chocolate of this breed to win a BIS. Standing alone she went into the next round to compete with the Shih Tzu.

Next the Beagle Mr & Mrs Howell from Treorchy’s Ch.Emorlen Crackle, who qualified at Treharris & DCS, holder of 7 CC’s 3 with BOB, 9 BIS at all breed shows, and winner of the Champion Stakes at Three Counties against Pat Maule’s other Shih Tzu Marpalyn Dutch Gold at Daltricia, BIS at Aberaman & DCS, holder of a Green Star and has won 3 BIS so far at all breed shows. The Beagle went on to the next round, where he met the Elkhound from the next round Mr & Mrs Beale’s Bravon Finnians Folly. BIS winner at the City of Swansea show and, holder of 1CC, who had been against Mr & Mrs Taylor from Caerphilly’s Rottweiler Annmar Strider, winner of BIS at Tongwynlais CS on the 27th Sept ’03. He has so far won 25 BOB’s at Open shows.

The next round saw Ms L Smeath from Swansea’s Whippet Willingwisp Prim ‘N Proper, who won BIS At Pontypridd & DCS, and had won his first BIS at only six months of age. He beat Mr & Mrs Davies from Leominster’s Rottweiler Rostock Ruff N’ Ready, who won BIS at Pontypool & DCS and has won a Puppy group first.

The next round saw Mrs L Richardson & Mrs J Spanner from Bridgend’s Skye Terrier Talyot Genevieve Sh.CM, who won BIS at Machen Agricultural Show. She has 1 CC with BOB, and has several times been BIS all breeds, against the Wire Haired Dachshund Mrs W A Patterson from Llandysul’s Ch. Cishelvine Firedancer, who won BIS at Banwen & DCS, who has 4 CC’s, two with BOB and has two BIS all breeds to his credit. The Dachshund went through to the next round.

The penultimate round saw Gillian Grainger from Kidwelly’s Skye Terrier Perrylands Defender, winner of BIS at Llanelli & DCS, holder of 1 CC, and winner of two BOB’s at Champ shows, as well as a group third to his credit. Against him, Miss J Tanner & Mrs J Crowther from the Vale of Glamorgan’s American Cocker Spaniel Sundust Sheer Delight at Tannamoor, BIS at Bedwelty Agricultural Show, who has two BIS to her credit and two ResBIS. The Skye went on to the next round.

Finally Mrs L. Breeze from Swansea’s Welsh Springer Spaniel Pennylock Ivor of Clynewood, who qualified at Pembrokeshire CA, against the Newfoundland Mr & Mrs Hobbs from Pontyclun’s Caslmor Astraeos of AlphBear JW, who qualified at Teifi Valley C & T.S show in May 2003. The Welsh Springer went on to the next round.


On to round two, where Dr James assessed those dogs that Martin Freeman had sent through from the first round. First the Great Dane, Foaldown Boysbuoy of Cenninpedr, and the Golden Retriever Chalksville Chosen One At Trebettyn , went through to round 3. Next to be gone over were the Welsh Springer Sh.Ch. Typica Countryman JW, and the Irish Wolfhound Hibeck Trigger, with the WSS going through to round 3.

On his next assessment it was the Schnauzer Toncanrick Raema Velvet ShCM. who was beaten by the Tibetan Terrier Ch. Veronys’s What Else JW. Next the Boxer Shanamor Genie In A Bottle To Allsturns had to give way to the B.G.V.P. Ch.Tangaer Idris. In the next round the B.G.V.P. Tangaer Jou Jou won over the Irish setter Crynllis Illusionist At Tanandell. The final pair in this round for Dr James to assess was the Pekingese Ch. Nosredna Christabella, who gave way to the S.F.T. Abernant Acer.

Martin Freeman then took centre stage to assess Dr James first round winners. The Italian Greyhound Seaward Sweet Success at Carbadori beat the Whippet Elvencharm Zola At Turnstone JW. The Shih Tu Ch.Ir.Ch.Daltricia Menelaus JW beat the American Cocker Adiaha Enigma, then the Beagle Ch. Emorlen Crackle won over the Norwegian Elkhound Bravon Finnians Folly. The next two contests were a walkover for the Whippet Willingwisp Prim ‘N Proper, and the W/H Dachshund Ch. Cishelvine Firedancer, who met each other in the next round. Finally the last pair to be assessed were the Welsh Springer Pennylock Ivor of Clynewood and the Skye Terrier Perrylands Defender who went on to stand alone in the final slot of Round 3.

Martin Freeman stayed in the centre spot to go over the last round winners of Dr James. The Golden Retriever standing alone went on to round 4, the Tibetan Terrier beat the Welsh Springer, then both B.G.V.P’s met each other, so one went on to the next round. Finally Mr Freeman sent through the Italian Greyhound, who beat the Smooth Fox Terrier.

Dr James then chose his dogs for the next round, the Shih Tzu winning over the Beagle, the Whippet met with the W/H dachshund, the latter going through, and the Skye Terrier who was standing alone also went on to the next round.

Round 4 saw the Tibetan Terrier winning over the Golden Retriever, the B.G.V.P. Ch.Tangaer Idris who stood alone, both going to meet each other in the next round. Dr James took over, the Italian Greyhound giving way to the Shih Tzu, and the Skye conceding to the W/H Dachshund. On to round 5, and the Tibetan Terrier Ch.Verony’s What Else beating the B.G.V.P. Ch.Tangaer Idris to go on to the final for Martin Freeman, and the Shih Tzu Ch.Ir.Ch. Daltricia Menelaus JW beating the W/H Dachshund judged by Dr James.

Both gentlemen decided the final winner together, and chose the Shih Tzu Menelaus as the ultimate winner. Following his success at last year’s competition, making it two years running as the Top Open Show Dog of Wales is no mean achievement. Pat told me that her boy has already qualified for next year’s competition!

Thanks must go to Mrs Olive Thomas for donating the splendid rosettes; Purina Proplan for sponsoring the event and, giving commemorative gifts; and everyone else who donated time and gifts for this super occasion.