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Wetnose animal campaign funday

A CAMPAIGN founded to raise money for smaller and lesser-known or specialist animal charities is staging a National Fundraising Day next Friday, May 28th and is inviting animal lovers across the country to join in and organise events to raise money for such animal charities.

Wetnose Animal Campaign founder Andrea Gamby-Boulger told OUR DOGS: "The Wetnose Animal Campaign is now in its 5th year and growing all the time. We raise money to help the lesser well-known Rescue Centres and good causes nationwide. Wetnose will help pay off vet’s bills or buy equipment such as incubators or cat traps for those who cannot afford them.

"We have a shop in Beccles, Suffolk which is run by volunteers, who give up their free time to come in every day for 3 or 4 hours at a time and help out. Some people really do go out of their way to help animals, I wish there was more.

"A lot of these Centres badly need new Catteries or more medical supplies or just the basic kitchen facilities. Some need new roofs, or repairs on stable blocks or new strong fences. At the moment there is NO-ONE to help these Centres. There is NO Lottery money…. NO Government funding… NO Council grants, nothing. This really does make me so sad, because people that run these Centres get very depressed and frustrated."

Andrea speaks from experience, as she herself used to run a Dog Rescue Centre for 12 years and in that time took in 500 dogs every year. Many of the dogs had injuries, including broken legs, glass in their heads, skin problems, bad teeth, matted coats, thin and in bad condition.

"You name it I saw it," adds Andrea. "These are the forgotten people of the animal world, and deserve more help, more money and lots more support and recognition.

"But what I really find so frustrating and almost nasty, is this attitude problem the newspapers or local media papers seem to have regarding animals. I phone up newspapers and ask very politely if details can be printed about our National Campaign and all I get is "OH! ANIMALS". I send faxes and emails but never get any replies. Why is there this stigma when it comes to animals? I wish someone could give me an answer please!


‘The door’s always shut when animals are mentioned. I feel that this attitude needs to be changed, and we will only do this with more education in schools and more companies, businesses and of course the media giving a helping hand. If companies or businesses would like to know how they can help I will be very happy to give advice."

Andrea points out that for every 4 charities, there is only 1 for animals.

"When you consider that there are over 6 million cats, 5 million dogs, 1 million birds, 1 million rabbits/guinea pigs, that’s quite shocking," she adds. "And that’s without horses, donkeys, cows, goats, sheep, ferrets, snakes and all the other animals. There needs to be a lot more animal Rescue Centres or organisations around to help with the sheer number of animals that are strays or animal that have been dumped or injured on our roads.

"The Wetnose National Fundraising Day should hopefully give us a much-needed media push, to highlight these problems and to encourage animal lovers everywhere to stage some fun events to raise money for the many smaller animal charities that do so much to help animals in need."

The suggestions for fun events, very much in the style of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day include: marathon runs, bike rides, horse shows, dog walks, pub quizzes, bingo nights, salsa, line dancing, keep fit and, of course, sponsored events at schools.

All monies raised will be sent to smaller animal charities to help them pay off their vets bills, or but much-needed equipment for small pet rescue centres across the UK.

For details of how to help, please contact Andrea on: 01508 518650, or go to website