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17th International Dog Show of Asturias

Anna Narewska

The seventeenth International Dog Show Of Asturias had an entry about 600 dogs, which is about the normal number for this show. The area where it is held is set in the most wonderful part of the Atlantic coast, an area which is already starting to attract foreign visitors. Why not visit us here for next year’s show, and enjoy a holiday in this lovely part of Spain at the same time.
The traditional organizer, Sociedad Canina del Principado de Asturias, is fortunate in having access to the very well located hippodrome. Here there is plenty of room to provide good sized rings. These are surrounded by wonderfully green areas whose trees, provide an ideal setting for dogs and their owners, giving both the opportunity to relax and keep cool in the shade during the hottest part of the day. A nearby restaurant offered a variety of local specialities.

The sponsors took care of the prizes, decoration, and hospitality for the International judging panel. They also took care of many other small details that make all the difference in producing a show of very high quality performance. This was especially noticeable during the finals. Needless to say the organizers too worked hard, arranging a very familiar and pleasant climax to the show. As to the dogs, there were some beautiful examples of the various breeds on show here, especially from group 3 and of course the Retrievers. Thanks no doubt to the breed specialities which took place on the previous day.

Club Espanol de Terriers, in association with Sociedad Canina Principado de Asturias held it’s annual Exposition Monographic de Terriers. And this year celebrated it’s 25th show. Happy anniversary! They had an entry of 144 terriers and experienced terrier specialists from Britain, Finland and Spain judged the dogs in three rings.

English judge, Chris Kilpatrick was busy all day with Bull Terriers. There are a lot of ridiculous myths and wrong assumptions about these breeds, but the audience in Oviedo could certainly have put them right.. Are Bull Terriers really so dangerous? Of course not! They are very intelligent animals, and require full attention from their owners. Well treated, they are full of joy, always ready to play and they are make wonderful family and human companions. And of course the goal of all serious breeder’s is to produce quality dogs that are happy, well balanced, good natured, and healthy. Chris Kilpatrick was satisfied with the quality of the competition. There were dogs of good bloodlines and show quality. It was a great pleasure to see the veterans in ring. This competition included all the bull type terriers, including the Miniature Bull Terrier Ch. Club Pirates Girl. It was a great pleasure to watch this eight year old bitch and to note the wonderful rapport with her owner Laura Asensi de Langlois. The second placed veteran was, Abraham Navarro Uriarte´s, Standard Bull Terrier ; Bajan de Bullocof, who was in very good condition and very keen to play, as if she were still a puppy. Nobody would have guesed his real age!.
Standard Bull Terriers also triumphed as the best breeding group and, the best couple during the finals of the terrier’s speciality. First in both competitions came from a much admired local kennel, Paloma Iglesias´s, De Camarmera.

Raija Jarvinen was kept busy judging Australian, Cairn, Dandies Dinmont, Norfolk, Jack Russell, Norwich, Scotties, Sealyham, Skye, Westie, Japanese and Czech Terriers. “ The dogs presented very different levels” she said afterwards,“So it was very easy to select the winners.” There were animals of very good quality, but also beginners. It was very difficult to explain to the new owners why his or her much loved dog was not the winner!” Raija Jarvinen was particularly delighted with the quality of the West Highland white terrier’s, especially those bred by the Alborada kennel. This kennel was established 20 years ago, and consistanly producing dogs of very good show quality. It was good to speak to their breeder, who said that of course he is very proud and happy when they make important wins. He went on to say that his aim in breeding is not simply to provide many homes with beautiful dogs that are full of breed type, but more importantly that they will become best friends, and loyal companions to their owners. That they should be beautiful as well goes without saying.

Spanish specialist, Javier Sanchez, judged the rest of the terriers, including Fox terriers..His Best in Show winner proved to be yet another triumph for Alberto Velasco´s Fox Terrier, Ch. Chelines Feeling Rainbow. A wonderful dog of very good construction and eye catching movement, he has won a number of BiS awards at various International and National Dog Shows, not only in Spain but also abroad.

To return to the Asturias International Dog Show, the evening presentation started as usual here with junior handling. It is always a great pleasure to see the youngest competitors taking their first steps in the show ring. Some of them are very confident, and give almost perfect presentation, some have problems with the dogs, but for the audience it is always a wonderful performance. Most of the youngest participants possesed a high level of knowledge, concerning dogs and showing. This time the competiton was won in wonderful style by ten year old Arbile Elorza, who in spite of her age is quite experienced. It is not the first show and of course not the first competition that she has won. In the junior group the audience really admired her almost perfect presentation.

It was finally the time for the real participants of the event to show their paces, and these are the four legged ones. many of whom seem to know exactly where they are, and show off accordingly, whereas others have had enough and just want to go home!. Most of the public remained throughout the group judging, and on to the end of the show, which started on time and ran very smoothly toward the finale of best in show.

The judge here was Mrs. Anika Ulvett-Moe from Sweden. All ten-group winners were also in the ring, and each one was quite a good example of its breed. The big question was which of them would be first. We had Alberto Velasco´s winner of group 2, the miniature Schnauzer., Chelines Ambos Mundos. The winner of group 4, the miniature smooth haired Dachshund, Donnadoon Fantasy. From group 3 came theWest Highland White Terrier. The very successful English Setter Ch. Quieck Gwen de los Vitorones. the Golden Retriever, Olivier Twist de Cal Arana, represented group 8. Needless to say the group 10 winning Galgo Español, Ch. Ritmo de Valle Estrella was a great favourite with the observers.. And of course the group 1 winner, German Shepherd, Xonny de Ferramonte, and top favourite, the Siberian Husky from group 5,Ch. Kalisberg del Karraces. The names of the dogs and their show careers seemed to produce a tremendous air of anticipation throughout. As they entered the ring, they had plenty of space in which to show off their qualities. The ring of honour was beautifully decorated, with excellent lighting, and first class commentary, which brought the show to a very satisfactory conclusion. The judges and the other observers, who came from Scandinavian countries, were really surprised, that the country style pace of the show in it’s early stages passed on to become a really gala event later on.

Once again the top spot went to the Siberian Husky, Ch. Kalisberg del Karraces. This dog seems impossible to stop as he wins one BiS after another. It makes the competitions very interesting now. What will win next time? Which dog is his biggest rival? We shall just have to wait and see!