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Fire brigade rescues GSD

Tammy, a 12 and a half month old German Shepherd Dog bitch, had a lucky escape recently after accidentally ending up in the river Trent.

Just a day after winning 1st in Junior Bitch class at Yorkshire & North Midlands W&PBA, Sue Williams took Tammy (Ballynabola Rare Rubies) out for her usual walk, along with her four Pointers.

However, before long Sue noticed that Tammy had disappeared from sight. “It was not something she would ever do, she’s a showdog and would never run off from me” said Sue. After a frantic search, Sue dialled 999 and contacted police. She was told that, although there was nothing they could do, the fire brigade may be able to help.

“By this time I was frantic with worry, I was calling her name, and it was just as though she had disappeared into thin air” said Sue. “I dialled 999 and asked for the fire brigade. ”

Minutes later Gainsborough Fire Brigade were at the scene. After a quick search, it was clear that Tammy had disappeared into a tunnel which was hidden in long grass, and it seemed she had been washed into the River Trent. It was some time after this that firemen noticed something in the river, and it soon became apparent that it was Tammy.

Sue was told to call her name, and Tammy started to swim slowly towards them. The firemen decided the only way to get her out was to go in and try and drag her from the water, as she was clearly tired and finding it difficult to stay afloat. She was finally pulled out, after over an hour, with no injuries but very tired and shaken.

Sue says: “I just wanted to warn people that walking dogs near rivers can be dangerous, as they can easily slip into tunnels and be swept away. I am so lucky to have got Tammy back. and if it hadn’t been for Gainsborough Fire Brigade, she probably wouldn’t have made it”.