Photo Special

BIS was judged by Dr. Tamás Jakkel, BIS3 was the Russian Giant Schnauzer Gloris Larion. ResBIS the the Hungarian Komondor Kócziánpusztai Hatalmas Alfréd. BIS the Afghan, Xenos Joselito Afghan, who was the TOP dog Italy 2003

Merry Mac Xtra Irish Terrier from Sweden, he was the TOP dog Sweden 2003, and BOB and resBOGp at the Crufts 2003

Kudos the Knockout Black Miniature Poodle from Norway Crufts BOB 2003, and Dortmund World Dog Show BOGp, bred, owned and handled by Mikael Nilsson, who handled the Crufts BIS winning White poodle in 2002

UK bred, and Italian owned, the Beagle Dialynne Gambit, bred by M. Spavin, his greatest winnings: Crufts CC and BOB, 2003 Bratislava Europe Dog Show BOGp. Gambit is owned by Mr. Paolo Dondina, handled by Francesca Cassin

Lida di Greko Attikis, the Pointer from Spain, owned by Ana Mesto and Carlos Salas

Part of the Carabinieri presentation, a Rottweiler jumping through three burning hoops.

Pennywise Patriot Games, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier who won BOGp & 3rd BIS at the Dortmund World Dog Show bred by Cathy Nelson, and owned by Anna Taucci (I)

The chidren voted the Komondor as their favourite dog, Kócziánpusztai Hatalmas Alfréd, owned by Gabor Korózs, handled by Mrs. Judit Papp (Mr. Korozs had a grave car accident after the European Dog Show, last year. Now, he is OK, but did not wish to undertake the long journey and the handling of his own dog as yet





Gabor Szalanczi