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KC members still cling to the past

Kennel club members once again exposed their concerns over the escalation in the number of members last week when they effectively rejected a General Committee proposal to raise the number of candidates an existing member can propose in any one year.
On behalf of the General Committee it was proposed that the members of at least one year’s standing be entitled to propose or second up to four candidates a year instead of the present two.

The rule A8 change would have required a two-thirds majority from the 228 members present at last week’s meeting.

It took several years for the Kennel Club to open up the membership ceiling to 1500 from the 750 maximum but the meeting heard that it still only has a paid membership of 846, 100 more than last year and this includes 33 from overseas.


In addition the they have 21 honorary members and 32 honorary life members.

The much vaunted and tortuous Associate Members route to membership is also proving a difficult path for some. In the last year out of the 33 who applied to convert to full membership only 28 succeeded.

In the end members’ concerns about the club being ‘taken over’ by associated groups, the physical limitations of the clubhouse and very principle of as many as four new proposals per member made the General Committee take back the proposal for further consideration.