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The late Mrs Jackie Ransom

I was away on holiday when a phone call from the UK informed me that Jackie Ransom had passed away. For the last couple of years Jackie’s health had been in decline; despite this, she still retained a keen interest in current Dog affairs.

The last time I saw her, she was at the Southern Breeders’ Bichon Club Ch. Show and although confined to a wheelchair, she watched the judging with keen interest. In fact it was a little unnerving to know the doyenne of the Breed was sitting at the ringside, observing every class.

Afterwards, during lunch Jackie turned to me and said, ‘Well my dear, you made quite a nice job of that’. A large sigh of relief from me and somehow lunch tasted so much better. Her involvement with her beloved Bichons is legendary and has been well documented. Unmentioned is her involvement and the time she spent working on behalf of the Löwchen Club, taking on the position as Secretary in 1980 shortly after the club’s re-registration; she brought her own unique style and expertise to bear and quickly instilled a sense of order and purpose.

Under her guidance, the management of the Club became purposeful in endeavour and took on a ‘New Look’ and more than a touch of ‘Class’; with the club colours, flowers at the top table, judging exams, teach-ins, changes to the Year Book, culminating in the K.C. granting a first set of tickets for the Club’s own Championship Show in 1984.

It was a great loss to the Club when she relinquished her position as Sec the following year. In 1990 after the late Lionel Hamilton Renwick resigned Jackie took over the Presidency and continued to serve the club with dedication until ill health caused her to resign a couple of years ago. Always stylish elegant and gracious she was a stickler for detail. A lady who was outspoken in her views forthright in manner and possessed with fierce determination when in pursuit of her goals. Goals, which were certainly achieved on behalf of the Lowchen Club. She leaves a son and devoted sister-in-law Marjory.       

Eileen Spavin Harrison