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AKC online breeder classifieds
allow public to locate purebred puppies

-- New Web-Based Service Brings Puppy Buyers and Breeders Together --

The American Kennel Club announced today the launch of AKC Online Breeder Classifieds
( , )a new web-based listing service intended to help people seeking an AKC-registrable purebred puppy locate breeders in their area.

Potential puppy buyers may search the database by breed, state or zip code and then contact the breeder directly via phone or e-mail for more information. The listings include the breeders’ contact information and details about the litter (such as birth date, number of males/females, sire and dam names, etc).

Before searching the listings, visitors to the site will be exposed to educational information to help them make informed decisions about finding the right breed for their lifestyle, the many responsibilities of being a dog owner and choosing a responsible breeder. Once the user conducts a search, a list of questions to ask the breeder is automatically included when viewing or printing the results. The user will also be encouraged to start their search by visiting the web site of the Parent Club - the national club for each breed and ideal source of breed information. Parent Club websites include breeder referral and breed rescue programs, and in-depth information such as the written breed standard.

“AKC Online Breeder Classifieds bring potential puppy buyers together with breeders of AKC-registered litters,” said Dennis Sprung, AKC President and CEO. “In addition to locating new litters, puppy buyers will find important information to help them make well-informed choices when selecting a breed and a breeder. The AKC has always been an invaluable resource for dog owners throughout the life of their dog – now we can play a more significant role in bringing dogs and people together.”

The AKC urges all prospective puppy buyers to be diligent about selecting their pet and to conduct research about the breed and the breeder. Each AKC Online Breeder Classified listing features a “Breeder Profile” where ere details about the breeding program of the advertiser, such as membership in AKC clubs, routinely conducted health screenings routinely conducted on parents and pups , health guarantees, permanent identification practices and bill of sale terms, can be indicated . are indicated

For more information, puppy buyers and breeders interested in listing their litters should visit (THIS URL SHOULD BE ) or contact AKC Customer Service at 919-233-9767.