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Beagle puppies stolen from hunt kennels

The Vale of Aylesbury with Garth and South Berks Hunt (VAGSB) was recently the target of animal rights extremists, who stole two Beagle puppies and wreaked havoc in the stables.

Intruders broke into the VAGSB hunt kennels on the night of the 27th October. As well as breaking into and ransacking the feed store, the perpetrators stole two beagle puppies from the kennels. The puppies, who are ear-tagged and from the Old Berkeley Beagles, were being looked after by a member of the VAGSB staff.

Alan Hill, master of the VAGSB said: ‘We have an idea who did this. The main thing is to ensure that the pups are returned safely - their well-being is obviously our prime concern. However, they are tattoed, so we would hope for their swift return.

‘The tack room was untouched, and the burglar alarm wasn't activated, so we are absolutely certain that the motive of the intruders was simply to cause havoc.’