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Hunt protesters picket cabinet

PRO-HUNTERS held a demonstration named ‘The Cabinet Picket’ last week in the latest stage of the Countryside Alliance’s campaign to oppose the Government’s anti-hunting Bill.

The Cabinet Picket was attended by around 500 people on Thursday 28th October, including several children who had an enjoyable half-term day out to make known their support for hunting. Wessex Hunts manned the picket on Whitehall and made enough noise to be heard clearly from Downing Street. In attendance were representatives from several hunts, including the VWH, the Beaufort, the Cotswold, the South and West Wilts, the Clifton Foot Beagles, the Wick and District Beagles and the National Coursing Club.

Some particularly passionate girls from the Berkeley took their tops off for the assembled media photographers, earning a huge cheer. Celebrity chef and countrywoman Clarissa Dickson-Wright also looked in on the picket to show her support, but kept her top on, as did Lord Mancroft.

Several protestors came direct from an early demonstration at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, where they had given Junior DEFRA Minister Peter Hain a rousing reception as he arrived to deliver the keynote speech at a broadband conference.