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Lead Train is awarded patent

After a lengthy process, Lead Train, the new lead and behaviour trainer, has been awarded a patent thus establishing its unique design. The purpose behind the development of Lead Train was to enable all types of owners to quickly and easily gain control over their dogs’ behaviour which existing products did not provide.

Dogs learn by association. The owner’s reaction to a dog's behaviour must be quick for the dog to effectively learn what is expected of it.  Lead Train is so successful because its unique design adjusts with the dog’s behaviour and sends an immediate signal to the dog making it easier for training to take place.  Also by giving the owner a method of effective control it makes dogs calmer and much more responsive.

Lead Train is also excellent for training puppies since it gives owners the extra control they need to gain the puppy’s concentration . Training with Lead Train allows puppies to learn quickly and happily right from the start establishing a happy bond between puppy and owner. Most importantly early training success prevents problem behaviour from developing later.