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Lily Savage helps home a greyhound

To find out more about homing a greyhound,
contact the Retired Greyhound Trust on 0870 444 0673 or visit

Paul O’Grady, better know as his alter ego Lily Savage, has helped find a home for Peggy the greyhound.

Peggy appeared recently on teatime TV programme The Paul O’Grady Show, above, as one of a number of dogs looking for a new home, led on to the stage by special guest, TV personality Fern Britten. Peggy has since been placed in a happy home with a family in Chatham, Kent by the Retired Greyhound Trust.

The Trust, which finds homes for ex-racing greyhounds, received a large number of calls after the show, and many of those who were not successful in adopting Peggy are now being followed up by the Trust to see whether another greyhound would be suitable for them.