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Crete pups find homes in Germany

READERS who have been following the story of Fliss, the bitch found neglected on a Greek island with her puppies, will be glad to read the latest news writes Lynda Ward.

In a joint operation between The Friends of Animals, Rethymno (FAR) and animal welfare organisation Noah's Ark, Fliss's puppies were taken to foster homes in Germany last week, to await permanent homes.

Even better, within the one week they have both already found new permanent homes!

Pictured is one of Fliss’s pups, Blackie - what a star! Fliss really did her two remaining puppies proud (unfortunately to her own detriment) and Blackie certainly looks so much better than when I first found them just over four weeks ago.

Thank you so much to all the Our Dogs readers who have called and
e-mailed expressing their concern over this distressing story.