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Saluki bitch puppy stolen

On Saturday November 6th an eight month smooth Saluki bitch puppy was stolen from a padlocked and securely fenced kennel.

The thieves went to a lot of trouble. Having failed to get over, through or round the fencing they decided to smash their way through safety glass, then lever open a window, before grabbing two young Salukis, one feathered and one smooth. The feathered dog was left running free but having picked her up, the owners then found the smooth puppy missing; she is tattooed so can be positively identified.

Michael and Helen Williams are offering a reward for information directly leading to her return.

They are located at Crookham Common, between Thatcham and Newbury, Berkshire.

Please contact them on 07785 936654 or 07730 300582 with any information.