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Team of Huskies launch community scheme

A team of husky dogs helped Westminster Council to launch a new community award scheme recently to reward Londoners who have led the way in improving local life.

Nominations for the community Leadership Awards were sought from voluntary groups, residents associations and individuals to recognise some of the unsung local leaders who have helped change the scenery in Westminster for the better.

The most deserving local leader will fly to Norway with a friend for an exhilarating 8km tour on sled led by 6 Alaskan Huskies across the frozen lakes and forest. This will be part of a week-long trip for two to Hemsedal, staying at the 4 star Hotel Skogstad with indoor pool including half-board, thanks to Crystal Holidays.

A pack of six Husky dogs and sled attracted crowds Leicester Square where Simon Milton, The Leader of Westminster City Council, handed out nomination cards to the public. They will be asked to nominate people they feel show real leadership qualities

American comic Lewis Grizzard said the following about leadership: "Life is like a dogsled team. If you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes."

Simon Milton, said: "We are searching for Local Leaders in the community who deserve recognition for their work in London. Westminster City Council is creating a new annual award, which will recognise these largely unsung community activists and allow us to learn from them."