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UK’s most accident prone dogs

If you’re a Labrador in Surrey then watch out, you’re probably more accident-prone than your northern cousins. Research released recently has revealed the UK’s most accident prone breeds, with Labradors living up to their clumsy and omnivorous reputation by claiming top spot. The research also identified the regions that see the most claims with home county hounds in pole position.

PetPartners, who register 2,500 new dogs every month, analysed their most recent 3,000 claims to identify the breeds and regions that appear most often. Labradors and Golden Retrievers, well known to guzzle things they shouldn’t, head up the list with Alsatians and Boxers also featuring in the top ten. Spaniels, often skittish and adventurous are also prominent with three varieties in the top-ten.

Surrey, Greater London and Kent are the busiest regions for claims, with Sussex and Middlesex also featuring in the list. Northern England and the Midlands were also represented in the form of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire and West Midlands.

Says Debra Green, PetPartners Customer Services Manager, “Bigger dogs are often more accident prone and a Labrador’s curious nature can mean they often get themselves into trouble more often.  As well as well as specific areas seeing a higher number of claims than others, we are also seeing more and more people making claims. Pet insurance is no longer a luxury, dogs are part of the family and have been factored into the personal finance equation for families.”

Top ten breeds for claims: 1. Labrador; 2. Golden Retriever; 3. Alsatian; 4. Boxer; 5.   Cocker Spaniel; 6. English Springer Spaniel; 7. Bulldog; 8. Rottweiler; 9. West Highland Terrier and 10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Top ten counties for claims: 1. Surrey; 2. Kent; 3. Greater London; 4. West Midlands; 5. Yorkshire; 6. Essex; 7. Middlesex; 8. Sussex; 9. Lancashire and 10.       Nottinghamshire

 Amongst some of the stranget claims are a Labrador Retriever who swallowed a fish hook; a German Shepherd Dog with a ball stuck in its throat; a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was kicked by a pony; a Labrador Retriever who swallowed a golf ball and a Bull Terrier with corn in its lung!