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Villagers save lurcher

‘Newton T’, on the road to recovery

A dog’s life has been saved, thanks to the combined efforts of Dogs Trust, a local dog warden and the people of a small Wiltshire village.

At the beginning of October, villagers in Newton Tony started seeing a large, emaciated white Lurcher who wore no collar or tag. Several people rang Dogs Trust Salisbury’s Rehoming Centre to report that poachers has been in the area and had left this dog behind.

After contacting the Salisbury Dog Warden, Dogs Trust, the warden and local villagers worked closely together to try and catch the elusive Lurcher to help him.

A fortnight later, he had been safely caught and is now in the care of Dogs Trust Salisbury’s Rehoming Centre. He was in a very bad way when he was first brought in – painfully thin, broken toe, severe digestive problems and some minor cuts and scrapes. Staff at Dogs Trust feel he would not have survived for very much longer as he hadn’t eaten for a long time and the weather was beginning to turn very cold.

The Lurcher has been named Newton T in honour of the village that helped save him and he’s now recovering at the Dogs Trust in Salisbury. He’s an extremely friendly and loving dog, stealing the hearts of all of the Rehoming Centre staff.