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Dogs and owners attacked in Ontario

DOGS AND their owners are being physically attacked in the Canadian Province of Ontario as a direct result of media and political hype about ‘pit bulls’ and ‘dangerous’ dogs in the wake of Attorney General Michael Bryant’s plans to introduce Breed Specific legislation to Ontario.

In a grim echo of the savage attacks and assaults on dogs and owners in Germany after the Government announced harsh measures to control ‘dangerous’ breeds, mob rule seems to have taken over in Ontario with no sign – as in Germany – of any governmental condemnation.

LeeAnn O’Reilly, President of the anti-BSL group the Dog legislation Council of Canada told OUR DOGS: "Dogs and dog owners in Ontario are under attack. The irresponsible actions of [Attorney General] Michael Bryant - who says he wants to increase public safety – have resulted in dog and dog owners 'bashing' similar to what we say with gay bashing in the late 1980s. Every dog owner, regardless of the breed they own, must be warned."

A 'fluffy yellow' Golden Retriever/labrador cross was attacked late last week when four young men wearing ski masks swarmed the dog and its owner. One man had a baton and he beat the dog - when he struck the front leg the dog went down. The dog’s leg having been broken by the blow.

Just a few weeks before a German Shepherd was attacked on its property – the attack was incredibly vicious and the dog's eye was literally hanging out of the socket and part of its badly damaged tail had to be amputated.

"The police are investigating and are looking for the people who did this," said O’Reilly. "But whether they’ll find them is another matter entirely."

The newspapers The Ontario Globe and Ontario Mail reported that a woman was physically attacked in Riverdale Park in Toronto for walking her two 'pit bulls' – which were, in fact, crossbreeds. In early October two German Shepherds in Ontario were brutally stabbed to death.