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Discover Dogs - Photo Special 3

Surprise visitors from the USA were, from left to right, Gina Lash (AKC), Gene Zavaris of Dog News, Celia Ruggles owner of JR the Bichon Frise, and Susan and Dennis Sprung of the AKC. The party also visited the big event of the weekend at Heathrow, the Bichon show organised by Michael Coad.

Peter Purves in action at one of the special event rings

A photo to epitomise Discover Dogs as Madeline Forbes (left) and Lauren Mahoney (Right) get down to cuddle an Aussie on the Australian Shepherd booth with exhibitor Angie Allan. We know the girls had a great time at the show and hope to be back next year!

One of THE most popular stands at Discover Dogs and Crufts … this is where you can win one of those really BIG dogs from Bradley and his team. Keep up the good work Bradders!

Stuart Band explains how you groom a Bergamasco… no wonder he’s getting such a laugh out of these visitors from Bermuda!

Dewi Parry of PERO Foods meets one of the many canines at Earls Court for the show. This is Jane Keeves and Figo, the Podengo. Pero had on show its new Labrador Food in addition to other elements from the Pero range.

On the KC gift shop stand, left, is Marleen Stewart, in the middle is Dorothy the Golden Retriever who belongs to Sue Goulden (member of the Gold Team for the Good Citizen Scheme – Hatfield DTC Club). The gift shop was bedecked as an Xmas Grotto featuring a splendid sleigh!