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Greyhound mutilated

A GREYHOUND was left to die on a mountain in Wales after having its ears cut off to prevent identification, a court has heard.

Magistrates heard how the Greyhound, named Last Hope, was handed to racetrack groundsman Andrew Gough by his owner John Hurley. Hurley had allegedly handed over £10 to Gough to have the Irish-bred dog ‘humanely put down’ and bury him on a lime farm.

However, Gough took the dog and subjected it to a series of brutal assaults before leaving it to die alone in a remote part of south Wales. The prosecution explained that this had included cutting off both ears and striking a severe blow to the dog’s forehead which penetrated his skull and damaged his brain. He was discovered by walkers and was later humanely destroyed.

The court was told that Last Hope’s racing career had ended owing to an injured toe, and that rehoming as a pet was not an option due to his aggression towards other animals. The humane killing was decided upon by Hurley, who later challenged Gough over the dogs demise, Gough denied that the dog which had been found was Last Hope.

Gough did not appear in the court an a warrant has now been issued for his arrest. He will be sentenced later.