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KAT Social Evening coming up!

Kathmandu Animal Trust (known as KAT) opened in May of this year in an endeavour to solve the stray dog population in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Nepal borders on Tibet and has a substantial number of Tibetan exiles living in that country.

In its attempt to control the stray dog problem, the Metropolitan authorities use strychnine poisoning to kill more than 10,000 dogs each year. This is an horrific death for these dogs, but it can also affect much loved pet dogs (some of them Tibetan), for in Nepal pets are rarely restricted in their movements and many can easily pick up the poison on their wanderings. Perhaps even more disturbing is that street children, too, are at risk, for they live very much a 'hand to mouth existence'.

KAT is initially concentrating on spaying bitches, and administers any treatment needed as well as rabies injections. The Trust has already made great strides ahead, but it needs our help. Whilst many local people are willing to offer their support, few have any funds to spare, given that the average income per capita in Nepal is only around £1 per day. What little money they have is needed to feed their families. The government is already showing an interest in KAT's work, and it is hoped that if they can see a reduction in the population of street dogs they will put a halt to the merciless killing.

To raise awareness and as a fund-raising event for the charity, a 'Social Evening in Aid of KAT' will be held at Edwin Court Community Centre, Bromsgrove on Wednesday, December 1st. This is only 10 minutes from junctions 4 or 5 of the M5, or about the same distance from junction 1 of the M42. People will start to gather at 6.45pm, for a 7pm start.

Our Dogs correspondent, Juliette Cunliffe, is the UK Co-ordinator for KAT and has in depth knowlege of the Himalayan regions and its dogs. She will give an illustrated presentation about KAT and its work in Nepal, and included in th\e ticket price of £4 is a buffet with refreshments and a glass of wine (for those not driving). There will also be a raffle, for which prizes will of course be gratefully received, and there will be a stall selling lots of reasonably priced doggy paraphernalia - ideal for all those canine Christmas gifts!

Tickets should be pre-booked please, and are available by telephoning any of the following numbers: Lynn Horton - 01527 575697; Tony Baxter - 01933 653704; Juliette Cunliffe - 01691 610903.

Please support this very worthy cause which apart from the more serious side, will be a great opportunity to meet like-minded people in a casual atmosphere. KAT looks forward to welcoming you!