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Stolen Pointer found

Tally - back home two months and 200 miles later

A TOP Field Trials winning Pointer bitch has been found over two months after she had been stolen from her owner’s kennels in Cornwall – over 200 miles away in Lancashire, writes Nick Mays.

Field Trial Champion Sparkfield Talent – ‘Tally’ – was stolen from secure kennels at the home of her owner Carol Martin in Truro, Cornwall on September 21st. Thieves used bolt cutters to cut off a padlock from the door of Tally’s pen and made good their escape.

After her theft, Carol, aided by the Committee and members of the Pointer Club bombarded the UK with details of Tally. Over 5,000 posters were distributed throughout the UK, to every veterinary surgery, every commercial and export kennels and via individual club members. Details were also sent to every kennel club in the world, as well as specialist field trials magazines, including The Shooting Times and to all the Internet lost and stolen dog websites.

Carol made personal appeals on television and radio, including the BBC’s World News as she and many other Pointer owners were convinced that tally had been stolen to order, being such a well-known and successful bitch.

The bombardment succeeded in its purpose, as Tally was handed in as a stray to a rescue kennels in Accrington, Lancashire on Monday this week. The rescue’s owner recalled the poster with Tally’s details and immediately scanned the bitch for her microchip, which was still intact. She then contacted Carol and confirmed that the chip number was, indeed, the same. Carol and her partner Robin set off by car to collect Tally on Tuesday morning this week and was delighted to be reunited with Tally some hours later.

Tally was well, although she had lost a lot of weight, had pressure sores on her feet, indicating that she had been running wild for at least as week.

OUR DOGS tracked Carol down via her mobile phone as she drove home from Accrington. A delighted Carol, speaking exclusively to OUR DOGS said: "I was just so delighted to see her, she was all over me. She’s lost a lot of weight and is covered in fleas, but she’s otherwise unharmed and fit. The vet has checked her over and she should be alright. She’s spark out on the back seat of the car now, asleep on my fleece."

"Basically, we wanted to make her hot property," Carol added. "If she was too hot to handle, we suspected that the thieves would dump her because she’d be too well known as a stolen dog. It obviously worked and we think they dropped her at least a week ago.

"We’re just so overjoyed to get her back and she’s going to be very spoilt when she gets home.

I’d like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to everyone that helped me circulate her details. I hope her story gives encouragement to other people who have had their dogs stolen – it can come right in the end. Never give up hope."

The full story of Tally’s theft and recovery will appear next week