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Hunting demo targets labour meeting

LABOUR PARTY members attending a closed meeting were targeted by pro-hunt demonstrators who stormed their gathering.

Around 100 campaigners assembled at the venue in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, to protest against hunting legislation.

West Mercia Police said a smaller number managed to force their way into the town centre building in Hoo Road and stop the 20-strong meeting of local activists.

A force spokesman said doors and windows were damaged but no one was injured.
The activists were ejected a short time later and, following a peaceful protest, the demonstrators dispersed.

Labour Party members, who were interrupted half-an-hour or so into a meeting that started at 7.30pm, left a short time later.

It was the latest in a string of public protests against the hunting legislation.
There were angry scenes in Warwickshire last week when demonstrators surrounded Agriculture Minister Lord Whitty after he made a speech to dairy farmers. Alun Michael, the Agriculture Secretary was forced to abandon two public appearances after being tracked down by protestors, whilst Leader of the House Peter Hain was trapped in his house thanks to a large gathering of demonstrators outside.

Meanwhile, the Countryside Alliance planned to disrupt the Labour Party Conference in Brighton earlier this week, promising a very high profile gathering to state their case.