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"Dogged down by legal Jargon"

When Gulf war veteran Allen Parton was injured in a hit and run accident. It was his four-legged friend Endal who came to his rescue.

Endal placed the former Royal Navy officer, whose war time injuries left him unable to talk, walk and with severe memory loss, in the recovery position and covering him with a blanket before fetching help.

For this act of heroism Endal was awarded the PDSA Gold medal (the animal version of the George Cross) for Bravery and Devotion to duty. Endal has been voted the Dog of the Millennium and quite recent was a awarded a Canine "Life time achievement" award.

Last week Allen and Endal visted to Cheltenham and Gloucester to raise the awareness of Canine Partners in support of Sarah Harper-Little, Canine Partner's new community fund raiser for the Gloucestershire region.

One of the ports of call on this whistle stop tour was at the Cheltenham based BPE solicitors
BPE solicitors, based in St Jame's Square, Cheltenham is one of the local firms supporting Canine Partners to help in it's work training dogs as helpers to disabled people. Each dog costs £20,000 to train and support through out it's lifetime.

They are able to carry out more than 100 everyday tasks from opening the door, emptying a washing machine and a range of emergency procedures

BPE managing partner, Malcolm Price said " We're all familiar with guide dogs and what they can do for blind people but these dogs are just amazing!

We've decided to support Canine Partners not just financially but by helping them with publishing and news letters."

During the tour of the firms library, Endal stopped to choose a book, Allen says "I'm sure he was checking up on his rights to bigger dinners!"

Sarah Harper Little can be contacted on 01452 810793 or