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Indian Summer ... the dog who needs a home

SHE’S THE one left on the shelf. She is the dog they can't rehome. ‘India’, a three-year-old mongrel, is the longest-serving resident of Battersea Dogs' Home.

Staff say her ordinary looks and black colouring fail to attract new owners, who pass her by when they visit the home in south-west London. She also barks a little over-enthusiastically.

"When a dog has been in the home for that amount of time they tend to get quite stressed in the kennel, which makes India bark quite a lot," said Liz Emeny, spokesman for Battersea.

"People tend to walk by her when they come to Battersea. She is just a very unlucky dog."
India arrived at Battersea two years ago as a stray. Staff do not know her history, but she is thought to have some Staffordshire bull terrier in her.

When India was featured in a national newspaper last Christmas with 11 other dogs who were awaiting new owners, she was the only one not to be rehomed. She was also featured in Battersea's own magazine, Paws. That appeal also failed.

The longest wait for a new home by any resident at Battersea was endured by a dog called Viva, who spent three years at the home.

"She is a gorgeous dog, really attentive and will make a great companion," said Ms Emeny.
Staff at Battersea say that anyone wanting to give India a home should be an experienced dog owner living in a semi-rural environment. She is good with other dogs and will need steady "doggy" friends to help her stay sociable.

She cannot be rehomed with younger children, although teenagers of 15 years and over are said to be suitable.

Anyone interested in giving India or any of the other dogs a home contact Battersea Dogs' Home on 020-7627 7889