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Pets on Jets at Manchester International Airport

Rachel Hoyland pictured with, Manchester Dogs’ Home oldest resident 'Barc' which is sponsored by British Airways Regional Cargo! Barc was the VIP at the official opening

Dog, cat and ferret owners in the north of England and Scotland that wish to take their pets overseas when they travel no longer have to pack their pets off to London thanks to the launch of Pets on Jets, a new initiative between Manchester Airport and British Airways Regional Cargo (BARC).

Pets on Jets is the only UK airport facility outside of London to be licensed to operate the UK Government’s Pet Travel Scheme. This allows cats and dogs that have been microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and the correct treatments against ticks and tapeworms to enter the UK without requiring a stay in quarantine.

Under the scheme, pets can travel by air between the UK on approved routes operated by authorised airlines. There are currently 32 participating countries in Europe and 29 more in the rest of the world, including Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States.

The new Pets on Jets facility is situated within the British Airways Regional Cargo operation at Manchester Airport. With a dedicated team of staff, Pets on Jets provides a comfortable ‘home from home’ for dogs and cats before they fly out of the airport or pets waiting to be collected by their owners after arriving back in the UK.

Pat Pearse, Managing Director of BARC, said: “Since the Government’s Pet Travel Scheme was launched, nearly 150,000 dogs and cats have travelled, taking advantage of the new regulations. We hope and expect that many of those air travellers from the North of England and Scotland – and the Midlands area – that previously had to fly their pets out of London airports will now take advantage of Pets on Jets and support the continued development of Manchester Airport.”

John Spooner, Manchester Airport Managing Director, said: "Pets on Jets is the first facility of its kind outside of London and we are delighted that BARC chose to locate it at Manchester Airport. This is yet another clear demonstration of Manchester's importance in the national air transport network. Pets on Jets is an excellent facility and one that will be available to all our airlines, providing a welcome addition to the wide range of services available at Manchester Airport."

Although ‘Barc’ is being sponsored by British Airways Regional Cargo he is still in need of a permanent home. If you would like further information please contact Manchester Dogs Home on 0161-205 2874.